Our Journey

InkFinite represents a family lifestyle apparel brand spurred by the passionate people that support our approach. Our mission is to use our brand to inspire a connected world through our art and by making respect, health and being smart cool again.  

The InkFinite team consists of Co-founder and CEO Denise Perez-Johnson a first generation Mexican American woman born and raised in Chicago. Denise believes that success will come only through hard work discipline and compassion. Her career consists of close to 15 years in the corporate work force.  She was hard at work in her most recent role, six months after giving birth to her baby girl for a company where she felt like most new moms "undervalued and unappreciated". Suddenly upon returning from a holiday she was let go from her position without any notice. After losing her job and with a new family member to feed she felt lost. Denise was yearning to find herself and do something entrepreneurial and meaningful. She knew that it was time to follow her dream in fashion and branding.

In the meantime, her partner who she met in 2005, Ian Johnson, was hard at work as an award winning tattoo artist developing an extensive 15 year portfolio. Ian is a work horse tattoo artist that specializes in dark skin black and grey  but also never being afraid to take on a challenging cover up or color piece. While working with a diverse clientele and speaking to his clients he realized that the current market for t shirts was simply flawed. Ian was always looking for artsy, meaningful shirts. He wanted the softest best fitting t shirt without sacrificing a cool design or breaking the bank! When he would find a good priced tee the graphic would fade or the tee would shrink, or fold up after a couple of times in the dryer.

It was at this point that this husband and wife team decided to create the InkFinite brand with a twist! At InkFinite, we are about more than t shirts. InkFinite translates to endless possibilities. We are a lifestyle brand. As a couple we understand the every day worldly hardships. We are wives, husbands, dads, moms, grandparents. We are 9-5 ers, we are tattoo artists; we are InkFinite. 

InkFinite is for the tattoo artist looking to create a custom hoodie for their brand. InkFinite is for the grandparent that is looking for that special onesie for a grand baby.  Or the single gal looking to make a statement with a cute saying on a tee. InkFinite is about you and all that you love. That excitement you share with your group or team. The nostalgia you feel for your cause; and the drive that makes your business stand out from the rest.