InkFinite Custom Branded Apparel

InkFinite is committed to lead by example.  Our philosophy goes back to old school morals.  Treat others as you would like to be treated. With InkFinite by your side it has become easier to create your own branded custom apparel.  Our goal is to ensure your project meets the highest possible standards in every aspect.

We are able to customize a wide variety of apparel, more than just t shirts.  InkFinite can customize jean jackets, hoodies, workout apparel, business polos, socks, grip paper and more!  You think it we can ink it please check out our portfolio our community page. @whatchawearinchicago 

With InkFinite custom prints you can create a custom look unique to your brand.  Would to print on the sleeve, on a hood, or an dope jean jacket? We can create branded labels so your apparel will be just exactly that YOUR apparel.

Custom labels will give your brand that finishing touch.  The nostalgia of seeing your company motto or website on a neck label will give your brand that ultimate edge.  InkFinite wants to help you build as we build. By customizing labels on your products, you’re working on yet another angle of creating and defining your brand which helps you stand out from the competition. It is a simple and effective branding tool! The reality is most of your customers care about the product, not the brand. There’s a strong chance that after a customer gets their hands on a product, they’ll forget all about the store they bought it from. Again keeping in mind a simple yet true philosophy, "out of sight, out of mind." However with a printed inside tag on a shirt your brand stays right in their sight as long as the shirt lasts! It’s yet another way to be creative, i.e. add a fun or informative message for the customer.